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How do I change the author of my commits?

Whilst I was going through the log of my Git commits, I had noticed some inconsistencies with the author value of some commits. They were all from me, but with different values, so I decided to try and fix that by setting the author and the email values to universal values. To do so, I used the following command:

git filter-branch --commit-filter \
'export GIT_AUTHOR_NAME="Author Name"; \
export GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL=authoremail; \
export GIT_COMMITTER_NAME="Committer Name"; \
export GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL=committeremail; \
git commit-tree "[email protected]"'

Which I found whilst reading could I change my name and surname in all previous commits? question on StackOverflow.

Next, push changes:

git push -u -f origin --all
  • -u I used it because I had almost all commits out of sync after that change, and this is useful to refresh the association between local branches and remote
  • -f Force push
  • –all Push all branches

Merge onto local

git fetch origin master
git reset --hard origin/master

And voilà!



How many lines of code do I have?

Reading the most upvoted answer for the How many lines of code is Facebook? question, I found this git gem.

git ls-files | xargs cat | wc -l

Obviously the command can be extended and adjusted to custom needs


Alexandru Budurovici • February 13, 2014

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