Alex Budurovici

London software engineer


QueAprendemosHoy / WeLearnToday is the leading crowdlearning platfor in Spain, who’s aim is to offer daily dosage of learning material through articles on a variety of topics. My involvement started with just some improvement work on the initial WordPress instance, hosted on a LAMP environment. My challenges were to come up with a new server infrastructure plan,…

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WeFitter is a fitness gamification platform that promotes, encourages and rewards physical activity a habit of healthy and sustainable lifestyle among employees and customers through rewards and unique challenges. My role was to configure an Ansible file to automatically deploy a staging or live, LEMP server to serve their apps. Technologies involved: Git, Ansible, Ubuntu,…

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FESPA is a global federation of national trade associations and an organiser of exhibitions and conferences for the screen and digital printing industry. FESPA is operated on a ‘profit for purpose’ basis which sees us reinvest all surplus revenues to support the global print community. FESPA’s objective is the promotion of screen printing and digital…

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Videouri was born, was my very first personal project. I was anxious to experiment with new tools, learn about frameworks, and try and develop an idea of my own. And that’s how I got started with CodeIgniter, trying to develop an app that facilitates a way of searching videos from different platforms, with just one search. Being just me working on this project,…

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