Alex Budurovici

London software engineer


FESPA is a global federation of national trade associations and an organiser of exhibitions and conferences for the screen and digital printing industry. FESPA is operated on a ‘profit for purpose’ basis which sees us reinvest all surplus revenues to support the global print community.

FESPA’s objective is the promotion of screen printing and digital imaging through each of the 37 separate National Associations in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Having the initial setup based on a simplistic LAMP stack, I’ve taken onto tasks to improve reliability, and decrease server response time whilst increasing its overall performance, based on small internal adjustments and on integration of 3rd party services like Professional CloudFlare.

  • Technologies used: Grunt, Gulp, WordPress (along with WooCommerce), Laravel (Internal video upload tool), Joomla (corporate site and event sites, links below), Apache, Nginx, PHP
  • Hosting services: AWS, Vidahost, Mediatemple
  • Aditional tasks: SEO improvements, implementation of multi-language feature for corporate site (Joomla based)

Alexandru Budurovici • January 7, 2016

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