Alex Budurovici

London software engineer


Videouri was born, was my very first personal project. I was anxious to experiment with new tools, learn about frameworks, and try and develop an idea of my own. And that’s how I got started with CodeIgniter, trying to develop an app that facilitates a way of searching videos from different platforms, with just one search.

Being just me working on this project, I had to take onto working on all aspects of it. UX, UI, Server, Database management, and software architecture. Though it had started with CodeIgniter, I have slowly migrated it to Laravel, and in that process, a lot of learning has happened.

Current technologies being used: Laravel, gulp, bower, npm, vuejs, materializecss, isotopebeanstalkd, supervisor, redis, ubuntu server, nginx, php-fpm, Youtube api, Dailymotion api, Vimeo api

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Alexandru Budurovici • January 6, 2016

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