Alex Budurovici

London software engineer

Behat, Vagrant and Selenium

Behat, Selenium and Vagrant

Don’t run Selenium server in your Vagrant box, run it in your host. On one of my laptops I have a Vagrant box which is a replica of a live CentOS web server (provisioned via Ansible), and there is where all my code resides and naturally where I run my tests from also, whilst my host is completely…

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Sorting a multidimensional array with array_filter

array_filter is a magnificent tool, and not hard at all to be understood, and is exactly what I needed when I was doing some forensics to find out what or who triggered a chain of events that affected to appeal of QueAprendemosHoy site. I started by querying its WordPress database, to find all the users that have a theme related permission, using the…

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direct subdomain at Cloudflare causes duplicated content issue

Don’t know how many of you had realized this problem so far, but having a direct sub domain at Cloudflare, for example:, which has the purpose to serve a live non-cached of the site, can create some duplicate content issues at google, and that’s never good. Well, the best and easiest solution that I found, was to redirect robots.txt to a…

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