Alex Budurovici

Freelance developer London

The story of filtering a sub array, inside a multidimensional array with array_filter

This whole quest, for trying to better understand – and use – the array_filter php function, came when I was asked by my friends at QAH, to help them out to find why the website, three days ago, completely changed style (all templates css settings disappeared), and obviously, fix it. First thing, obviously, was to use…

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Cloudflare direct subdomain and google duplicated content issue

Don’t know how many of you had realized this problem so far, but having at cloudflare, that serves a live non-cached of the site, can create some duplicate content issues at google, and that’s never good. Well, the best and easiest solution that I found, was to redirect `robots.txt` to a `robots.php` (or what ever language…

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Finding how many lines of code, your project have

The other day, when I received my Quora newsletter, a question that caught my attention was How many lines of code is Facebook? And while reading the answers, the most voted one had mentioned a very interesting git command line, that will allow you to know how many lines of code, your project contains. That’s a really…

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Lazy loading images

During the rebuild of my Videouri project, I was/am constantly looking for the best approach of writing and serving all the modules involved, including loading front-end assets. My quest, at a certain point, was to find a way of optimizing the load of the images (plenty of them). First thing that came into my head was to server…

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